After May 4th’s successful fundraiser at Holland House, the National Culinary Team of Sint Maarten to be sent out to the prestigious TASTE of the Caribbean competition in Miami organized by CHTA will hold its third fundraiser at Canoa Restaurant at Oyster Bay this Thursday. As the event is almost the last high level practice event before departure, more aspects than before will be closely monitored.

After five years of absence, 2016 marked the return of the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” at the most prestigious cooking contest of the region. As all Sint Maarten Chefs as well as its Bartender returned with a prize in 2017, organizers decided to provide an opportunity for the same core team as last year to another attempt at hopefully conquering even more valuable medals.

The event is not only a contest but as well an important marketing opportunity in the highly competed US tourism market. Next to being a key sponsor for the national team, the Sint Maarten Tourism Board will be joining the mission with a dedicated Sint Maarten booth at the Caribbean 305 event as well as visiting the upcoming Canoa fundraising dinner with a delegation for further support. Apart from the Tourist Board and the contributions of 110 visiting guests thus far, the event is sponsored by in total 25 companies and donations.

70 Visitors enjoyed a high quality five course dinner at Holland House at the 4th of May, preceded by various dances by artists of the National Institute of the Arts, whom host Holland House graciously donated the remainder of benefits from their side.

As the event comes closer, Canoas fundraising dinner will mark a further step to perfection for the Chefs. The dinner at Holland House meant the introduction of evaluation documents allowing the 70 visitors to mark points for improvement. Attendants assisted in suggestions on topics of presentation, use of spices, temperature of serving as well as excellence within the various categories. Next to implementing  suggestions done by the public, team discipline and group effort will be even closely monitored than before as this itself forms an award category at the 2-6th of June contest in Miami.  The organizing parties very much encourage people from country Sint Maarten to attend the open competition in order to support the team.

However, a large amount still needs to be raised. Averagely, participating teams need to raise over 40.000 US dollars. Being the most prestigious culinary event of the region, as well as a highly reputed learning curve for junior chefs from NIPA joining the event, Chefs of all teams bring their own equipment. This degree of perfection, next to travel costs for all 8 team members, makes the event a costly operation needing sponsors as well as fundraisers.

The organizing parties call on those culinary minded Sint Maarteners to enjoy a five course, five star meal at Canoa Restaurant in Oyster Pond this Thursday at 7:30 pm to support the comeback of Sint Maarten as a culinary nation in Miami. As drinks are generously partially provided by sponsors like Antillean Liquors, CC1 and ILTT, the amount of $95 dollars per person stands for a combination of some of Sint Maarten’s best culinary flavors and wines at a very fair price. For supporting the national effort, please reserve seats at or call 542-0108 for more information. Limited seats remain so book now!

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