Animal Defenders St. Maarten

We are a team of dedicated volunteers, nobody gets a salary we all do it from our heart for the love of animals.
Our 2 main priorities are

  1. spay/neuter because there are already too many pets and not enough homes.
  2. Education and awareness.

When we pick up strays we have them checked, fixed and vaccinated, if we cannot find them a home they go back and we give them aftercare. We build a feeding station and form a group of 7 , each person picks a day of the week to feed the dogs/cats. From the donated money which we always desperately need we pay the vet expenses and the food.  It all went very well until hurricane Irma gave the island a setback. But the SXM animals are strong and with your help we can continue to help them. We are against euthanizing unless the vet advises it is better for the animal.

We go to schools but mainly do one on one-talks while helping animals where ever. We do house visits if we get calls or reports of abuse/neglect and in certain cases we have to report to the police.
Also we provide information about distemper or other diseases via the media and organize vaccination campaigns to make it affordable for the needy.
ADS recently made an informative flier “Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners” with lots of suggestions and requests.

If we spay/neuter and educate then we do not need a shelter. A shelter is too expensive, all that money can be invested in sterilizing the animals and in educating pet owners to become more responsible and not breed. That is a win win for SXM, our people and our animals.

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Animal Defenders St. Maarten,
Archimedes Street
Colebay, St. Maarten

Feel free to make a donation to our Windward Islands Bank US $ account #  807.456.09
Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Or call us at  # 5533116, CoC # 20724

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