The Socio-Economic Council for the Island Territory of St. Maarten was formally approved and installed, including the representation of the SHTA. The SHTA launches its own website, The site offers information about SHTA programs and services, as well as generic information about St. Maarten as a tourist destination and investment destination.

The draft articles of incorporation for a tourism foundation or corporation headed by a public-private sector tourism board were presented to the Executive Council.

The Executive Council agreed in principle to the privatization of the Tourist Bureau and transformation in to what is called the National Tourism Organization (NTO).

The SHTA is represented on the Emergency Operation Committee (EOC) that is chaired by the Lt. Governor. The SHTA issues members advisories pre and post strike as well as special procedures and EOC decisions to ensure the safety of our visitors and residents. The number of disciplines increased with the addition of a Construction division, Marine transportation & Excursions Division and a Casino Division.

The SHTA financially supported a Front Street Clean-Up Campaign through the District Improvement Team (DIT) in an effort to reduce littering in our capital. The remaining funding was pledge by over 40 Front Street companies. The program ended in June 2000 since there was no structure in place to maintain the project. 1998 December 1998 The articles of incorporation were notarized and officially approved by the governor.