The 2013 Annual General Meeting on June 20, at Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, was a very successful event. Around 80 people, including a number of delegates from government, attended the meeting, which exceeded our expectations.

After the panel discussions, members and guests were treated to a cocktail party.

I think we can all agree that we had an excellent and diversified crowd attending last night. The level of participation during the panel discussion – i.e. SHTA members and other stakeholders from public and private sector asking questions and engaging in discussions with the panel members – was something I have not witnessed at an SHTA function before“, said Marc van de Bilt, SHTA’s 2nd Vice President and Managing Director at the Indigo Bay Development Company N.V.

He continues: “Clearly we hit a sensitive, yet extremely important note and people were ready to engage; including several key people in Government. It gave me hope that indeed we can make a difference.”

We, at the SHTA, sincerely appreciated your attendance/interest, and we look forward to serving you and all your needs for more years to come.

We wish you all a successful business year.


St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association

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Emil Lee, President SHTA

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Alma Rocio Balcazar, Transparency International

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Franklyn E. Richards, Former Lt. Governor of St Maarten

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