On the 10th of September, in collaboration with SHTA, the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten will host a special lunch meeting. This meeting will help in preparing interested European based companies and NGO’s who will visit Sint Maarten during the Sint Maarten Innovations, Initiatives and Industries Link-up Event (SMILE). This event will also cater to Sint. Maarteners based in Europe who may be interested in scaling their business or establishing stronger commercial ties with Sint Maarten. SMILE will take place on the 25th and 26th of October at the University of St. Martin and is meant for companies, investors, NGO’s, policy advisors and individuals interested in expanding their business in Sint Maarten.

Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite is looking forward to kicking off the SMILE activities with this pre-event at her Cabinet.” The topics of innovation, bottom-up societal initiatives and sustainable development that stimulate Sint Maarten’s economy are close to our hearts at the Cabinet. By providing a bridge between European based investors and St. Maarten companies with the SMILE platform, we hope to positively contribute to the economic recovery”.

SMILE will be held on October 25th– 26th at the University of St. Martin.  The event was created in 2018 to highlight innovative and sustainable companies, NGO projects and to facilitate business to business networking. Last year’s edition attracted over 300 visitors from 89 organizations representing 9 countries.

The event once again enjoys the committed involvement of its founder the Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA), as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI), ORCO Bank, Global Resourcing, 360º of Innovation (Aruba) and the University of St Martin (USM).

Like last year, SMILE will provide updates, tips and suggestions on taking part in World Bank tenders, for domestic and foreign companies. SMILE serves as a platform for specialized foreign companies looking to form joint ventures with Sint Maarten companies in order to participate in in the recovery. Cooperation with Sint Maarten companies provides direct advantages to foreign companies.

As was the case in 2018, fees are kept very low by the organizers and free entry is offered to non-profit organizations.

For this edition, content will once again be organized around the two main themes of innovation and sustainability, and workshops on marketing, funding and human resource management will also take place. Some of the workshop topics are; the power of marketing on islands, the future of work, connectivity, AI- and blockchain opportunities, renewable energy and waste solutions.

In order to facilitate more business opportunities for organizations, SMILE will also provide a very interesting trade show for organizations that want to share their products and/or services.

Speakers from Aruba, France, the Netherlands and the United States have already confirmed, and details will be communicated at a later date. Businesses and NGO’s interested in SMILE as a participant or that want to acquire a spot as an exhibitor, can obtain more information at 5420108 or via events@shta.com.  Information will be continuously updated at www.shta.com/SMILE.

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