The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) and occupational health experts of Medwork have provided Caribbean Brewing Company with the SafeSeal certificate for activities. SafeSeal is an immediately recognizable emblem for companies that are verified that they adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines to counter the COVID19 pandemic.  Companies are required to complete a test explaining their specific hygiene and safety standards.

Caribbean Brewing Company took the SafeSeal test, whose standards have been devised by medical and occupational safety industry professionals. For the Caribbean Brewing Company, changes have amongst many others been implemented in the size of tour groups, sanitation within the brewery and pertaining to guidelines and rules inside the brewery. Tours through the brewery have been reduced to four people at a time. Signage within the brewery further helps social distancing and reducing the possibility of exposure to fellow visitors. Before starting the tours, 70% alcohol sanitizers and masks are offered by the brewery.  High traffic areas within the brewery are cleaned every two hours, as are places touched or used by previous visitors.

Cleanliness has always been a key focus within breweries, as the delicate fermentation processes can be influenced easily by external factors. “Our primary goal with taking the SafeSeal exam is ensuring safety for guests and employees” says Master Brewer Sunil Vaswani.”All Caribbean Brewing members who interact with guests will wear a mask and practice safe serving protocols”.

The methods and practices have been used to grant acknowledgement of best COVID19 prevention practices approximately to 1,700 companies in the Caribbean. For St Maarten, the checklists per sector have been validated to the published governmental guidelines on, among other often more detailed parameters.

Vaswani is glad the SafeSeal can be attached to the entrance, spreading the word of the hard work of the St. Maarten tourism industry to receive its visitors in the safest way. ”Many visitors have again learnt about our passion and wonderful beer. “We already had Award-winning beer, now it is served in a befitting certificated environment!”  

By highlighting best practice companies, supporting organizations St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, the St Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association and occupational health company Medwork want to spread the word that Sint Maarten is making its best effort to be a safe destination. More information regarding SafeSeal can be found at and travel information updates at

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