The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) is excited to announce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bringing together Caribbean Dinghy Sailing programs in an unprecedented manner. Recognizing the need for increased collaboration and knowledge exchange among the flourishing dinghy sailing community in the Caribbean, CSA has introduced a dedicated WhatsApp group and contact forum to facilitate communication, event sharing, and inter-island camaraderie.

Dinghy sailing has a rich tradition in the Caribbean, with numerous sailing programs and schools dedicated to nurturing the next generation of sailing enthusiasts. CSA’s innovative platform seeks to enhance the already high level of dinghy racing in the region by promoting cooperation and friendly competition among these programs.

Saskia Revelman, Manager of the Sint Maarten Yacht Club and Board Member of CSA shared her insights on the importance of knowledge sharing: “It is so important to share knowledge amongst each other. We are all facing the same challenges, some programs are bigger, some programs are smaller. Knowledge on how to raise funds, manage programs, what kind of boats to purchase, maintenance tips, safety policies, international/national valid sailing diplomas – these are the building blocks that can strengthen the entire Caribbean dinghy sailing community. By learning from each other, we can collectively overcome obstacles and elevate our programs to new heights”.

Key Objectives of the CSA Dinghy Sailing Collaboration Platform:

1. Knowledge Enhancement: The WhatsApp group will serve as a virtual meeting place for instructors, coaches, and sailing enthusiasts to share their experiences, techniques, and insights. By learning from one another, the overall standard of dinghy racing instruction is expected to rise, benefiting all participants and contributing to the region’s reputation for excellence in sailing education.

2. Inter-Island Event Sharing: Sailing programs will have the opportunity to promote and share details of their inter-island dinghy racing events. This will encourage participants from different islands to explore new horizons and engage in friendly competition, further elevating the level of sailing skill and teamwork across the region.

3. Mutual Event Attendance: By encouraging members of different dinghy sailing programs to attend one another’s events, the platform aims to foster a spirit of unity and healthy rivalry. This cross-pollination of talent will inevitably lead to higher levels of performance and a stronger sense of community within the Caribbean sailing scene.

4. Skill Development: With a diverse range of expertise and perspectives within the group, participants will have access to a wealth of resources and training methodologies. This sharing of best practices is anticipated to significantly enhance the growth and skill development of aspiring dinghy sailors.

Joining the CSA Dinghy Sailing Collaboration Platform:

Sailing programs, instructors, coaches, and sailing enthusiasts passionate about dinghy racing in the Caribbean are invited to be a part of this transformative initiative. To join the CSA Dinghy Sailing WhatsApp group and contact forum, please contact for registration details and additional information. CSA remains committed to nurturing a vibrant, supportive, and dynamic dinghy sailing community throughout the Caribbean. By providing this platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, CSA envisions a future where the Caribbeans dinghy racing tradition continues to thrive and inspire generations to come.

Source: Antigua Observer by NewsCo Ltd

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