The Employer Council St Maarten, the platform of ILO recognized St Maarten employer associations (SHTA, IMA, SMMTA and SMTA), objects to both the proposal and process of the changes the Minister of Health, Social Development and Labor wants to apply to the ZV/OV regulations.

In a letter dated September 7th, the associations have addressed some of the points arising from the presentation of the draft ZV/OV regulations (click here for the letter). The effects of adjusting the ZV/OV regulation will have a profound effect on our labor market in particular and our economy in general and should not be made lightly.

With this, the Employer Council echoes the statement of concern by the St Maarten Insurance Association and the St. Maarten Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) as stated in the press on September 29th, 2021.

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