Terry Jones, the Founder of Travelocity and investor, will do an extra Masterclass during the Sint Maarten Innovations, Initiatives and Industries Link-up Event (SMILE). In addition to his speech on entrepreneurship and startups, Jones will add his internationally reknowned keynote “The Future of Tourism”.

As the organizers noted much demand for his keynote on Entrepreneurship and Startups already, they are elated about the offer of Jones to provide another keynote. “The Future of Tourism” is one of Jones’ most well known contributions to global conferences.

In addition to his SMILE speech Jones will travel around Sint Maarten high schools to share insights how he built Travelocity into one of the world’s leading travel websites. Students of the University of Sint Maarten (USM) will be part of his audience during SMILE.

After building the digital multinational travel site of Travelocity, Jones became an investor in tourism Start-Ups. Terry Jones has lectured worldwide about innovation and building digital relationships in business in over 25 countries and at more than 300 events. He holds several innovative patents.

Organizers SHTA and 360* of Innovation again thank the United States Consulate General for making Jones’ visit to Sint Maarten possible.

The full schedule of SMILE can be found at shta.com/SMILE. Display and promotional tables have been sold out, but walkaround tickets are still available for the event starting upcoming Friday. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the SHTA offices at WJ Nisbeth Road 33A, or by taking up contact with office@SHTA.com.