Grant Thornton and SecurityScorecard have launched a partnership against hackers, to rate cyber security posture of companies in the Caribbean and mitigate cyber risks (e.g. ransomware).

In a first public masterclass about this topic, Grant Thornton will educate company representatives and NGOs present at the St Maarten Innovations, Initiatives & Industries Link-Up Event (SMILE) on this partnership and service offering.

Professional services firm Grant Thornton has launched a partnership with SecurityScorecard to mitigate cyber risks (e.g. ransom ware) for companies on Sint Maarten and other parts of the Caribbean. Their offering is valuable for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) as well as larger enterprises. The cyber security scorecard shows how vulnerable your organization is for cyber risks and provides valuable insights that will enable you to improve your cyber posture before hackers take advantage of your weaknesses.

Presenter Herbert Beldman of Grant Thornton: “The more St Maarten as a services industry connects with abroad via the ‘digital highway’, the more vulnerable we get. Recent developments have shown no one is safe from ransomware, though there are various ways to protect oneself – even as a smaller enterprise.”

Interested people who want to participate at SMILE, can contact the SMILE project office at or call +1-721-5420108. More information can be found at

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