Executive Chef of the Ocean Lounge Restaurant at Holland House Beach Hotel, Mr. Wendell Laurence, and his team were awarded a “Serious about Food Safety” decal from Steflogix. The decal demonstrates that management and staff of Holland house possess a valid nationally recognized food safety certificate and have the knowledge & skills to handle food in a safe and responsible manner.

Health and food safety is of paramount importance for Holland House, and in times of this global pandemic, lots of extra efforts were made by the hotel management to ensure that the health of staff & guests is guaranteed. Another indication hereof is that Holland House is among the first resorts in the Caribbean region to have accomplished a 100% vaccination rate of their employees. The entire management & staff of Holland House is vaccinated with the Pfizer- BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and can pride themselves to have a reduced risk of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.

Paul Boetekees, Managing Director of Holland House, stated: “let me first express my gratitude for our amazing vaccination milestone. A 100% vaccination rate was needed to ensure that everyone feels confident to perform their duties and to be able to freely interact with fellow coworkers and clientele without constant fear. I’m delighted that each and every one took their responsibility in helping to slow the spread of the virus.

I’m also extremely happy with our “Serious about Food Safety” decal. The food safety decal  demonstrates that food & beverages at Holland House are being handled by qualified and certified staff, and that no stone is left unturned to create a safe working environment.

Mr. Boetekees continued: “one behalf of Holland House I want to give recognition to the founders of Steflogix, Michael Somersall and Stephanie Somersall-Melaet. These two hardworking local entrepreneurs are providing outstanding services for almost a decade, and we will continue to support them in their quest to improve food safety standards for the entire hospitality industry in Sint Maarten”.

With certified and fully vaccinated staff, Holland House can now be deemed a COVID-safe hotel that welcomes all local & international guests who wish to enjoy magnificent service and great ambiance in a safe and responsible way.

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