Invitation Enterprise Support Project webinar for financial advisors, accountants and BSOs -October 15

The National Recovery Program Bureau in cooperation with WIB and Qredits, hereby cordially invites you for an information session about the Enterprise Support Project on October 15, 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM.

Please click here to register for the webinar.

The Enterprise Support Project provides direct financial support to micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) to support the recovery of the sector and increase its resilience.

In this dedicated information session for financial advisors, accountants and BSOs we will inform you about the project and the eligibility criteria, as your business could be eligible itself.

We also aim to better equip you to assist your existing or new Micro, Small and Medium clients when applying for the project. By hiring your services e.g. fine-tuning business plans, financial management and planning, they can increase their chances of successful applications. Successful applicant will also need to report annually for which they may require your services.

For clarity, the Enterprise Support Project will not directly fund these services. However, successful applicants can include such costs to be financed by the Enterprise Support Project.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Kind regards,

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