Sonesta Resorts employee Shakiel “Shaq” Lake after his fitting with Dr. Poulin Coralie accompanied by team members Carol Blackwood and Errol Ryan.

MAHO–The Maho Group recently joined forces with Medwork and Social and Health Insurances SZV to gift an employee a much-needed hearing aid.

  A reminder of how the gift of giving truly gives back this holiday season, the story is one of compassion and empathy. The Maho Group said its employee Shakiel “Shaq” Lake who joined the Sonesta team in 2015 as a food and beverage busboy acquired a new hearing aid.

  Recently promoted to Senior Barback, Lake is a standout employee. “He is always working hard around the property, pushing his trolley and going about his duties with a smile. However, it was noticeable to some that once you came close to Shaq, there were times that he clearly would not know that you were standing near him,” said his manager, Assistant Beverage Manager, Carol Blackwood.

  Blackwood was concerned, and thus, in an effort to boost the morale of one of her standout team members, she shared his hearing challenges with management who liaised with Dr. Joanne Siebel of Medwork. Out of her clear concern and bigheartedness, Blackwood joined Lake on various appointments with Dr. Siebel.

  “Shakiel came for an occupational health consultation with me and shared his struggles. It was clear that he needed to be referred to a specialist for care and treatment, and with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, I was able to collaborate with SZV to finalize the necessary steps for him to receive the device he desperately needed to make his life easier, and most importantly, to give him the ability to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and Maho guests. It was a small effort on our side, but made a big difference to Shakiel,” said Dr. Siebel.

Now fitted with his new hearing aid, Lake can not only hear Christmas carols for the first time, but he can also hear guests enjoy their vacations, and appreciate the loving tone of voices of his colleagues who have cared for him along this journey.

  “We’re so proud that together with our compassionate management and human resources department, Medwork and SZV, we were able to step in and conduct the process to make this happen for Shaq, so he can excel in his career. Our hearts are full,” said Saro Spadaro, president and CEO of The Maho Group.

Source: The Daily Herald

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