Starting 29 April, CPS will no longer offer free COVID testing. Even then, COVID will continue to be a public health concern, especially for the workplace environment. Medwork is pleased to offer its clients the option to send their employees to Medwork’s office for COVID testing.

The price per test is US$30 and will be added to the Medwork client’s regular invoice. The price of the test includes:

  • Administration of an Inspectorate of Health-approved COVID antigen test by one of Medwork’s trained COVID testers.
  • A Medwork-verified COVID test result document.
  • Consultation with the employer/employee about the test result and what to do in case of a positive test result. Test results will be delivered within 30 minutes of testing.

Please note that the COVID test result from this service is not valid for travel purposes. Prior to the administration of the test, the employee’s consent will be obtained for the test.

How to make use of Medwork’s COVID testing for employees?

Please ask all employees to follow the normal sick leave protocol for your company. That is, the employee should call the Medwork office to request sick leave and let Medwork staff know that they would like to get tested for COVID. Medwork staff will then schedule a time for the employee to come in to get tested.

Contact Medwork now to enroll in this service! Email: or Tel: +1721 544 8428 

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