Managers of the Oyster Bay Beach Resort participated in an effective communication & cooperation program from Ms. Ella Taal, founder of the company Awareness in Business. Last week all managers at Oyster Bay Beach Resort participated in a multiday training session. As part of the training all Managers had to complete an online personal communication style Profile self-assessment. The purpose of the survey was to identify their type of temperament represented in 4 distinctive colors. These colors describe the communication preference, style, and behavior of each respondent. The questionnaire was done using DiSC®, which is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. The aim of the training is for all Managers to understand what their individual characteristics and preferences are and to learn how to approach and deal successfully with others by embracing everybody’s personal styles.

After the completion of the assessment, Mrs. Taal conducted personal one on one interviews with each manager followed with a group session. During the group session Mrs. Taal further coached and encouraged the managers to open up and exchange with each other the way they are more productive and receptive when approached. The goal of the training is to assist the team in making the work environment a more enjoyable one while reaching higher levels of personal satisfaction and heightened performance.

The training was a lot of fun and provided great camaraderie for all the participants. All the managers were very grateful of the experience and the knowledge acquired during this training. Mr. Ricardo Perez, General Manager, was very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of all participants. The skills and awareness acquired by the entire team are not only practical for the day to-day work experience and interactions but also applicable and beneficial in how we interact in our daily lives outside the workplace.

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