Oyster Bay Beach Resort today received a SafeSeal recognition of best practices in protecting its customers against COVID19. SafeSeal is the immediately recognizable emblem for companies that are verified that they adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines to counter the COVID19 pandemic.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort has been actively taking preventive measures from an early stage in the pandemic. The resort was part of the Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association’s (SHTA) expert team preparing a draft Reopening Guidelines document for the industry by comparing international best practices and CDC measures. Most suggestions from the industry’s guideline book have been republished as government stipulations.

Since spring, every employee and resort guest’s temperature are checked daily. Handwashing is part of our daily routine, as is the use of face masks when interacting with others and when social distancing cannot be maintained. High contact surfaces are cleaned regularly throughout the day. Visitors receive a temperature check on arrival, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Advanced check-in and express check-out have been instituted to help allow a seamless visit with a minimum of required physical contact.  

To share its adjusted daily practices publicly, Oyster Bay Beach Resort created a short video clip that has been used by St. Maarten representatives abroad to show how the island has put preventive measures in place, downloadable at www.obbr.com

General Manager, Ricardo Perez is pleased the resort has met the demanding standards of the SafeSeal exams. “Adapting to the new situation is important to protect the health of our employees, community and visitors alike.” Perez stands proud that Sint Maarten resorts have been excelling in adapting to the new requirements. “SafeSeal will further spread the news that St. Maarten has successfully received guests since August in a safe and responsible manner”.

Mr. Perez noted that the Resort restaurant and bar, Infinity, is welcoming resort and local guests for both tropical, outdoor, ocean front dining as well as inside dining in a safe and elegant setting. Besides being safe and fun with excellent ocean views, the food and drinks are excellent, Perez said.

SafeSeal standards have been developed by medical and occupational safety professionals; the methods and practices have been used to acknowledg the best COVID19 prevention practices of 1,700 companies in the Caribbean. For St Maarten, the checklists per sector have been validated by to befit, among others, the guidelines on stmaartengov.org.

By highlighting best practice companies, supporting organizations, the St Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association, occupational health company Medwork and St. Maarten Tourism Bureau want to spread the word that Sint Maarten is making its best effort to be a safe destination. More information can be found at www.shta.com/safeseal or at www.stmaartenentry.com.

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