PORT ST. MAARTEN – A number of senior and mid-level management officials at the Port St. Maarten Group (PSG) received their certificates after recently attending a planned three-day Corporate Governance training that was given by crmLiNK from the Netherlands.

Port St. Maarten Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexander Gumbs said Corporate Governance allows PSG to continue to comply with local and international rules and regulations by being up to date with trends and developments in this area.

PSG recognizes the importance of good Corporate Governance and considers it a core principle of best practice governance principles at the highest ethical standards with oversight of management and steering the business strategy of the group.

“I have made Corporate Governance one of my core principles since being appointed CEO late last year. Corporate Governance allows us to regulate relationships with shareholders, stakeholders, the community, employees, and management, and it facilitates effective and pragmatic management decision-making in compliance with local and international regulations leading to the long-term sustainable success of PSG,” CEO Alexander Gumbs explained.

Some presentations covered on the first day of the training included the introduction to Good Corporate Governance; Roles, Profiles and Competencies; Conflict of Interest, Integrity, and Moral Framework.

The second day covered Law and Legislation which was given by Franklyn Richards, a former Governor of St. Maarten, and a lawyer by profession; Finance and Control; Compliance and Corporate Risk Management, was presented by St. Maarten born Candia Joseph who is currently the Director of SOAB St. Maarten.

The final day of the training covered Boardroom Dynamics, Sessions about Information Provision, Communication and Governance. All presentations were given by either representatives of crmLiNK or were invited from different professional sectors and backgrounds.

crmLiNK was established to assist companies and individuals in this age of major change, this is the age of disruption. The labor market will be organized differently in the coming years in a rapid pace, according to crmLiNK. crmLiNK provides professionals for board of directors, supervisory boards, and management.

In the field of (permanent) education, professionalization, consultation, and transformation, crmLiNK offers specific trajectories and customized training solutions, and is associated with the Dutch institution Central Register of Short Professional Education (CRKBO).

Source: The Daily Herald

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