PORT OF SPAIN (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO):—In observance of the International Day of Pink, RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited (“RBC”) announced donations today to eight Caribbean charities that take a stand against bullying and discrimination.

RBC is proud of a long history of strategic partnerships, donations, sponsorship initiatives, and employee volunteerism to support organizations, academic institutions, and non-profit groups working to address diversity issues important to the organization and its stakeholders. Chris Ronald, Head of Caribbean Banking says: “RBC and its employees have long been global leaders in promoting Diversity and Inclusion.

It is integral to our values to provide an environment where employees can bring theirauthentic selves to work, without fear of harassment, bullying, marginalization, or discrimination.”As an organization committed to helping its clients thrive and communities prosper, RBC is pleased to make donations to the following charities across the Caribbean that are working to stamp out bullying and discrimination:

1. Trinidad and Tobago’s Credo Foundation,

2. Barbados’ Supreme Counselling for Personal Development,

3. The Bahamas’ Caribbean Voice,

4. Cayman’s Families Resource Centre,

5. Aruba’s Justice4Courtney,6. Curacao’s Human Rights Defense Foundation,

7. Turks & Caicos’ The Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Conference, and

8. Sint Maarten’s UNICEF SXM

Each of the above-noted charities will receive $500 USD from RBC. 

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