Excursion Company Rhino Safari received its Gold SafeSeal in recognition of its practices in protecting its clients against COVID19.

SafeSeal is the immediately recognizable emblem for companies that are verified that they adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines to counter the COVID19 pandemic. SafeSeal standards have been devised by medical and occupational safety professionals; the methods and practices have been used to grant acknowledgement of best COVID19 prevention practices to 1700 companies in the Caribbean. For St Maarten, the checklists per sector have been validated to befit, among other, the guidelines on stmaartengov.org.

Rhino Safari tours towards Creole Rock, Happy Bay and beaches are all outdoors activities. Still, the company made sure adjustments were put in place to adhere to the strictest safety guidelines. “Check-ins are in the open air as well. Returning from the excursions there are wash stations as well as an open air outdoor shower for guests. All equipment and snorkel is stored in a liquid soap solution to keep all sterile prior to each use.”

Manager Leo B. states that given its beautiful weather, its large outdoor activities offer and its adherence to safety measures, St. Maarten should rank top on the list of tourists looking for a safe destination to spend their holidays. “I would say to people thinking of coming to SXM that both Dutch and French sides of our incredible island are waiting to see you soon. With our great weather, you enjoy everything in the open and fresh air – for example, get a boat and explore our pristine waters!”

By highlighting best practice companies, supporting organizations St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association and occupational health company Medwork want to spread the word that Sint Maarten is making its best effort to be a safe destination. More information regarding SafeSeal can be found at www.shta.com/safeseal and travel information updates at www.stmaartenentry.com.