Safety & Security


– Resident Impact:
No feeling of security, impacts way of life (locks, home early), impacts traffic (less scooters, no insurance), loss of property and life.
– Business Impact:
Loss of property and life, increased cost of doing business (insurance, security surveillance)
– Visitor Impact:
Deteriorates image as Friendly Island, victims do not return and do not recommend the destination, safety is a deciding factor when traveling

Proposed Solutions


1. Strong Police Force
A stronger and better funded police force is necessary to increase enforcement of the existing laws. This will increase police visibility, improve reaction time and better equip our police force to combat crime in our communities.
2. Broken Window Theory
Although there are many factors that influence crime, one of the proven deterrents is enforcement. The Broken Window Theory aims to enforce even the lowest level of offences. This will result in a dramatic drop of overall crime, particularly serious crime.
3. Better Judicial Facilities
Better funded judicial and prison facilities, alternatives to incarceration and reform programs will ensure that criminals pay the price for their crimes and reintroduce convicted criminals back into society with the tools to be able to turn a new leaf and not resort back to crime.

Strong Society

1. Community Programs
Community action programs that identify community concerns, strengthen communication, develop youth activities, and focus on residents responsibilities for keeping the community safe, go a long way to preventing crime.
2. Awareness & Action
Businesses need to become more aware of their corporate social responsibilities to protect this commercial resource for sustainable development of the island. Business play a large role and are able to achieve large results in waste management, energy reduction and clean up programs.
3. Stronger Family Units
A strong family unit will provide our youth with the morals and values of our society. Strengthening the family unit can reduce juvenile delinquency and other crime, reducing the risk of becoming involved with drugs and other behavior that may lead to involvement in more serious crime.

Quality of Life

1. Improve Education
A better education system that reduce drop outs, an after school program to involve the youth, and compulsory education to give everyone a chance to learn is needed to decrease youth involvement in crime.
2. Improve Spending Power
Increased earnings and more disposable income for among others minimum wage earners will decrease the motivation to turn towards a life of crime. Efforts need to be made to reduce the cost of living in order to maximize earnings and increase disposable income.
3. Improve Employment
Access to the labor market, matching skills to the industry, better employment possibilities,
career growth and upward mobility increase earnings and disposable income. This better financial position will give families more time together and reduces financial stress.

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