The Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) launched a compact set of guidelines for various industries yesterday how to deal with reopening after COVID19. The guideline set includes links to accredited sources for further in depth design of reopening plans per company.

The document is a summary of the most important best practices launched by international and regional institutions, with an eye on feasibility for Sint Maarten. Information from institutes worldwide as well as SHTA’s networks of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), various regional and international standards have been assessed and judged on relevance and applicability for Sint Maarten. SHTA obtained input from its own member sections like small, medium and large hoteliers to supermarkets, service companies, retailers, fellow business associations and restaurants. 

SHTA sent the resulting guidelines to the Ministry of TEATT and various other relevant organizations domestic and foreign, as to contribute as input for devising national and regional suggested protocols. In addition, by providing clarity on private sector standards, foreign partners in tourism and trade know safe practices are taken seriously.

SHTA members received the document in the SHTA’s weekly newsletter distributed May 12th.

The goal of the document is to inspire membership and non-members alike to create their own protocols befitting company standards. The 12 page document sets standards, but leaves room and suggestions for companies to create their own specific guidelines, as challenges, demands and opportunities will vary per business.

SHTA thanks all parties involved in constructing the document, as well as regional parties for their suggestions. The document can be downloaded for anyone from Even though 40 companies in various sectors have provided comments to the document, the association remains open for any suggestions at

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