In Monday’s publication of the Daily Herald, a letter from CFT with respect to the draft budget of Country St. Maarten is discussed in which CFT advises to increase the maximum ZV/OV wage limit, from less than ANG 68,000 to ANG 120,000.

Such an adjustment would significantly increase the number of SZV insured. As the medical insurances from private insurance companies are prolonged on a calendar year basis, this creates huge problems for all those (and their employers) who would now retro-actively fall under the ZV/OV coverage.

The premiums for private medical insurance have become due (and most have been paid) as per 1 January 2021 and may not be (completely) refundable. For those employers that offer their non-SZV insured employee’s private medical insurance, this will result in double premiums, unless the insurance companies agree to retro-active cancellations and corresponding refunds.

In addition, SHTA questions whether the increased activity needed from SZV’s offices has been addressed and appropriate capacity has been planned for. 

Moving from a decision not to adjust the wage limit for 2020 to an increase of 75% in 2021(close to doubling the limit) can be considered a drastic change. SHTA advises to postpone any decision making with respect to increasing the maximum wage limit for ZV/OV so that the private sector and its employees can properly anticipate the effects of such an adjustment.

The association is of the opinion that this adjustment should be part of the discussion of a sustained National Health Insurance discussion. Last but not least, by law as well as well as by international stipulations, stakeholder consultation is required on this topic.

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