On behalf of our members, and by extension in the interest of the people of St. Maarten, the Board of the SHTA calls upon Parliament, both coalition members as well as the opposition to consider the consequences of their pending actions tomorrow and what will be the wider impact to the country and the impact to our collective endeavors to improve the socio-economic circumstances of Sint Maarten.

Sint Maarten cannot afford, at this time, the disruption of government that would result from the adoption of the motions of no confidence. Without forsaking our Constitution and Democratic rights, we implore on all stakeholders involved specially at this point to ponder and do not underestimate the value of stability, vs. the cost of instability. 

Let’s together, focus on the interests of Sint Maarten and expedite the refinancing and repair of our airport, the gateway to Sint Maarten. Let’s together, work and support efforts to provide the financial means and other support to those who still need to repair their homes and/or their businesses. Let’s, together, ensure that destination Sint Maarten can be properly marketed abroad and create the positive economic growth that we all so desperately need.

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