In celebration of International Literacy Month and to promote the importance of early literacy in a child’s development, Sint Maarten Library has donated 10 “Read to Me” BoekStart Koffertjes to Sint Maarten Medical Center.
During the month of September, Sint Maarten Library joins the world in empowering parents and caregivers to engage in their children’s early literacy education and strengthen the community’s commitment to reading.
In partnership with SMMC, the library provided age-appropriate books and materials to take home, along with information on the benefits of reading to infants. This initiative is designed to nurture the love of reading in young children and encourage meaningful parent-child interactions through shared reading experiences.
“At Sint Maarten Medical Center, we help welcome Sint Maarten’s future doctors, nurses, chefs, police officers, artists, teachers, accountants, librarians, and clerks into the world,” says SMCC Communications Officer Shari de Riggs. “We’re proud to collaborate with Sint Maarten Library to inspire the young minds of tomorrow to dream big and achieve even bigger.”
Sint Maarten Library thanks SMCC for the opportunity to provide more SXM families with valuable resources to support early literacy development.

Source: SXM Talks

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