The St. Maarten Timeshare Association (SMTA) today donated a search light set for the new outfitting of the M.S. Dolphin, the flagship vessel of the St. Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation (Sea Rescue).  This was jointly announced by SMTA and Sea Rescue today.

Over the past forty years, the St. Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation saved hundreds of lives of seamen, passengers and tourists that navigated the islands territorial waters, many of them during nightly missions. This is why for its two vessels Chief and Dolphin robust search light equipment is essential.  

Secretary of the board and crew member of Sea Rescue Serge Bakker: “In various cases, the right light equipment is the difference between life and death for victims of accidents at sea.  Even the by day easily discernable red life vests are under water, making it very difficult for rescue brigades to find persons at sea without the proper search light equipment. This applies even more so when a storm and waves are in play.”.

Sea Rescue is a wholly independent, non- governmental, not-for profit organization. For the four decades of its existence, it has fully relied on voluntary operations and third-party donations to be able to be operational 24/7, 365 days a year. A ten-person brigade is standby day and night in case ships find themselves in trouble in St. Maarten waters.

SMTA president Ms. Edna Evans: “The team of the St. Maarten Timeshare Association is proud to collaborate with the St. Maarten Sea Rescue foundation and we appreciate the opportunity to give back to our island.  We appreciate the contribution that this foundation has made to the island over the years and the tireless efforts of the volunteers that put their lives on the line to help others. As an island that promotes our beaches and sea life, especially with events that are promoted internationally, it is essential that we keep our residents, visitors and our volunteers safe.  We hope that this sparks an awareness in our community of the importance of this foundation and a willingness to assist the men and women of the Sea Rescue Foundation not only verbally, but also financially and physically.” 

As the main Sea Rescue vessel Dolphin is going through a profound redevelopment, in-kind donations are more than welcome, varying from light bulbs to motor service parts. Sea Rescue is therefore very grateful for the donation of the relatively costly search equipment by the SMTA.

Sea Rescue is at all times looking out for those people, companies and organizations willing to donate useful elements to the MS Dolphin. The same applies for volunteers. Should you or your company be interested in supporting the Sea Rescue Foundation, please let the brigade know via

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