TelEm Group is “Flex”-ing its mobile muscle with the launch of an exciting new plan for subscribers.

The company is introducing Mobile Flex – the most flexible option to date for mobile customers who want to better control their spending while accessing more data and more talk time minutes.

One unique feature of the new plan is how it adapts to users’ needs, providing them with the convenience of a Postpaid account and the flexibility of Prepaid service. As with Postpaid customers, subscribers to the new Mobile Flex plan will receive set invoices for data, minutes, and SMS consumed, but once they go over the allowed minutes and data in the plan, it automatically converts to a Prepaid service, meaning no overcharges or bill shocks as a result of uncontrolled usage. With the Flex plan now in Prepaid mode,

subscribers can Top-Up at any convenient location to add more talk time or to active any of the many prepaid data plans available via the My TelEm App.

The new Mobile Flex Plan is being offered to customers at a price of $40 and comes with 1,000 on-net minutes, 8GB of data, and 100 SMS. To make it even more flexible rollover data is included, so customers get to keep their unused data at the end of the month.

TelEm Group says subscribers traveling abroad can also make use of the Flex plan, with coverage for mobile roaming in the Caribbean, North America, Europe, South America, and elsewhere overseas, however, they must first ensure they Top-Up with Prepaid credit before leaving on their trip since local data and minutes subscription is only available while in St. Maarten and not when roaming. All Prepaid credit is valid for 60 days from the time of the last Top-Up.

TelEm Group’s marketing team is very excited about the launch of Flex mobile and the many possibilities it opens for mobile subscribers.

“Top of the list of benefits is how flexible the plan is and how much it puts the user in control of spending and usage as well as access to more data and more talk time minutes,” says the marketing team.

For more information, please visit the TelEm Group website at

Source: SXM Talks

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