Dear SMART Attendees,

We are less than one week away from SMART and we would like to update you on some relevant information. This information is also available on

Online Scheduling

Online pre-scheduling is no longer available
Thank you for your registering for the 2015 Annual SMART Tradeshow on St. Maarten. We look forward to welcoming you to the trade show floor. In the event that you have registered before the deadline, you were granted access to the delegate directory among other things. However if you have registered after the deadline of May 2nd, you may be experiencing the situation that you are unable to make pre-scheduled appointments.

Your appointment schedule is now available on your passport.

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Group Training

Workshop “New Millennium Business Practices”

Online registration now open! Limited availability.
Registration for our SMART Workshops is now available online. We advice you to register online prior to SMART because there is limited availability.

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Schedule of Events

SMART Schedule of Events available online.
This year we provide you with an online overview of all activities during SMART 2015. Please take a look at the day-to-day planning.

Schedule of Events

Delegate Directory

Available online before SMART.
This year we decided to provide the delegate directory online. All delegates will be provided with a downloadable version of the directory as well as an online eBook version. There will be limited offline copies available during the trade show.

Appointment Schedule

Appointment schedule sent.
The appointment schedule is now available on your passport.


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