Dear SHTA Members, 

For companies and foundations small and large, experts from the Vaccination Management Team (VMT) offer your organization an in-company workshop about Covid-19 and vaccination. Expert members of VMT are employees of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) and Collective Prevention Services (CPS).

During this complimentary workshop, VMT will:

  • share insights on the Covid-19 virus
  • explain the vaccination campaign on St. Maarten
  • debunk many of the myths regarding both the virus and vaccination 
  • answer any and all questions regarding covid-19 and vaccination

Because there is so much misinformation circulating, these workshops are intended to provide credible, and correct information, so everyone can make an informed decision about the Covid-19 vaccines.

For local organizations it can be a big benefit to have the majority of their staff fully vaccinated.

If desired, VMT can bring translators to get the information across in multiple languages. In case of larger businesses, workshops can be repeated for various departments as well. For an example of a workshop, see:

To set up a workshop, please send an email to:

Bart van der Meijden
Workstream Officer for Communication and Public Engagement
St. Maarten Vaccination Management Team