Who are we?

[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Who are we?”]The St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association is the largest private business representative on the island, representing close to 150 companies.

The SHTA’s sole focus is membership, which is the access to the SHTA benefits. These benefits are created by the activities of the SHTA, of which the main activities are listed here:

  • Association Management: The SHTA has close to 150 member companies on the island in most industries and sectors. Association Management focuses on creating, delivering and communicating benefits to members.
  • Tourism Promotion: A large responsibility of the association is destination marketing since the primary source of revenue for the island is tourism. The SHTA also promotes the importance of tourism to the island.
  • Advocacy: The SHTA represents the business community on all three levels of government: island, federal, and kingdom level.
  • Product Development: Product development focuses on education to improve the quality of service and environment to improve the beauty of the island.
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