International Liquors and Tobacco N.V . official distributors of Carib Larger Beer, is proud to launch its new look Carib Larger Beer in St Maarten/St. Martin.

Mention the word the Caribbean anywhere in the world, and it conjures images of an escape to breath taking sea and landscapes where the happiest people on the earth know how to live and celebrate life. Say Carib, and you hold the Caribbean original brew that has been bringing us all in celebration for the past 70 years.

This 70th year celebration means a lot for the Carib Brand, it being one of the first beer produced by Carib Brewery Limited, Trinidad and Tobago.  In a toast to the occasion, the Brewery engaged Brandology, a world- renowned design firm which worked on some of the world’s biggest names in the industry. The firm created a striking new label design, celebrating Carib Beer’s first journey from the bottling lines in 1950, pouring Caribbean fun into our lives ever since then, up to this present day.

Carib’s new design is a stylish facelift to the familiar yellow oval reminding us of our sunny Caribbean personality, against a wavy blue background reflecting the calm, refreshing Caribbean joy for the life we share. Carib Beer,  has been focused on pouring Caribbean fun into our lives from 1950, up to this present day. Brandology even created a “Caribbean Original” symbol for the Carib Brand, celebrating its 70-year brewing heritage and giving the world a timeless icon celebrating our warm, carefree, vibrant, value-centered spirit as an entire Caribbean community. This proud and confident- looking new Carib logo creates and bonds the Carib Trademark family which is ready to represent the region, globally.

It was only natural that the Carib Brand would also find a way to create the grandest commemoration of their heritage through a world-class music video appropriately themed “Can you Feel it?”, now riding vast waves of popularity across the region and worldwide. It took the CARIB Brewery team and international award-winning agency Ross I ReThink over a year of careful planning to put together the brand’s most inspired embodiment of the Caribbean lifestyle in the Carib Brand.

In the music video, the Caribbean’s passion is expressed through a mesmerizing musical fusion of soca, dancehall and EDM genres, created by T&T soca guru Kerwin Du Bois, Jamaican dancehall sensation Shenseea and produced by musical award winners, Jillionaire and Precision Productions. Added to this irresistible blend of Caribbean fun, is the booming voice of globally- acclaimed Grammy® Award-winning producer D.J. Khaled. As he says “Another One”!, his global star power welcomes millions of people to enjoy a taste of our Caribbean brew and to experience the Carib-bean, “the world’s most exciting playground”.

As the tagline says, “it’s the way we play”, we are committed at CARIB Brewery and International Liquors and Tobacco N.V., to giving you the celebration of Caribbean fun whilst providing the best taste of the Caribbean on the Island. So we say Welcome to a World of Change. Can you feel it? “

Look out for Carib’s new packaging available in all local supermarkets as of November 12th.

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