– Resident Impact:
Loss of access to public beaches, polluted seas, sewage and waste issues, eroding beaches, limited land, island becoming overdeveloped
– Business Impact:
Beach erosion, littered landscape, polluted seas, lack of natural attractions, sewage and waste issues, nature is visitor’s reason for coming
– Visitor Impact:
Attractions are pristine beaches and natural landscape, environmentally aware guests, littered landscape, over development

Proposed Solutions


1. Improve Environmental Laws
Current environmental laws do not cover certain issues, such as reef protection. Stronger laws and policies need to be put into place to ensure that businesses and residents learn to respect and protect our natural environment.
2. Enforce Existing Laws and Policies
The current environmental policies and laws need to be better enforced with fines being levied that go towards repairing the damage to the island. The local rights to the natural resources also need to be protected.
3. Manage Growth
Strict zoning policies need to be put in place to protect existing monuments and natural environments such as ponds, nature reserves, marine parks to preserve these for future generations as well as to protect the island from over-development.


1. Sensitize the Public
The public needs to become more aware of the impact on our natural environment and how they can help in preserving our only natural resource by conserving, recycling and protecting.
2. Sensitize Businesses
Businesses need to become more aware of their corporate social responsibilities to protect this commercial resource for sustainable development of the island. Business play a large role and are able to achieve large results in waste management, energy reduction and clean up programs.
3. Sensitize Government
Government should play an active role in rewarding businesses that embrace their corporate social responsibilities as well as do their part to ensure our natural resources are managed well and protected where necessary for future generations.


1. Environmental Standards
Environmental Certification Programs such as Green Globe, Blue Flag and ISO 14001 would assist businesses in developing standards and creating positive publicity for the island.
2. Alternative Clean Energy Sources
More effort should be placed into long term planning for alternative energy sources, such as wind power, sun power, water power. What was typically an expensive energy source is now becoming more affordable, especially with the increasing prices of fossil fuels.
3. Waste Reduction
Recycling, waste reduction and sewage treatment programs will help in reducing the amount of waste the island produces. Simple programs such as reusable shopping crates instead of plastic bags go a long way in reducing the amount of garbage in the landfill.